About Jen

Women’s Health Fitness Professional


Welcome to The Nurtured Method.

My goal is to nurture you as a woman, helping you regain the confidence, strength and freedom of movement to enjoy life with a body that does what you want it to do.

My programs tap into your overall sense of well being, linking mind, body and spirit. Individually targeted for you whether pregnant, post-natal, middle aged or beyond, you will be guided through an inspirational and motivational fitness experience. This is not simply another exercise class – The Nurtured Method gives you more.

Feel like you belong at The Nurtured Method as you discover steps to take control of your fitness and health. Connect with other women on your journey as you find ways to exercise without being hindered by common health issues resulting in a body that doesn’t function how you had hoped.

The experience is empowering. It’s uplifting. It's freeing.

I call it nurturing your physical and mental wellbeing. My clients say the program embodies the knowledge and strength they need to transform life into what they had envisioned.

Guided by my experience as a Women’s Health Fitness Professional, we are working on becoming our best selves.

With every movement, our bodies begin to heal and we start to uncover the women we aim to be.

Through this shared experience, our little community creates a strong bond and forms friendships. As we work out together, we are all going on individual journeys that are intrinsically linked

And along the way, you will find yourself feeling inspired, motivated and appreciative of your body and what it can do.

All women should feel strong. There is no need for the demands of womanhood to deny you this right.

I work with women, supporting them as they grow their confidence, strength and freedom while creating a body they love.

Come in and witness a change.

Strengthen your body. Grow your confidence. Discover your mojo.