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There is always an element of excitement, and maybe even trepidation when attending any of the PhitKit classes or PT Personal Training sessions since you never really know what you are about to get yourself into! What you can be guaranteed is a workout you’ll be proud of. You’ll definitely have a laugh while getting the heart rate up, but there’ll be times where there’ll be little said because you’ll be working out so hard that you won’t be able to talk.  The session will come to an end before you know it and you’ll think “I did it and I smashed it!” 

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Are you looking for personal attention with the camaraderie and energy you experience when a part of a team or community?  
Our Perth outdoor group fitness and personal training have a vibe that energises you to train extra hard; helping you achieve fitness, strength and weight loss results you never thought possible. 

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Dunsborough - The Movement Fitness & Wellbeing / Busselton
Locations vary depending on specific training programs, such as, Outdoor Group Fitness,  Mums and Bubs Exercise Fitness Class, Mums Intensive Core and Pelvic Floor Programs, and Personal Training.

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Personal Training / Private Small Group

All the focus is on YOU!  One on one attention, one on one personal training.   This is the ultimate for achieving fitness goals and weight loss result.  

Private Small Group Fitness - round up the troops and dare them to commit to their word to get fit and lose weight.  Great for corporate groups, friends, families, mothers groups, and Bridal Parties shredding for the Wedding!

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Fit Mums and Bubs (WOMEN ONLY) & Specialised Intensive Core & Pelvic Floor Restore Programs

Fitness For Mums and Fitness For Women only. These fitness exercise class are suitable for women and Mums with babies & children. The children have a playdate while Mum returns to exercise after having a baby.  Special focus on core strength and pelvic floor rehabilitation.  Get fit, tone up, rebuild your post baby body. 


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Specialised Fitness and Return to Exercise for Mums / Personal Training / Home Visits

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