Boxing is the ultimate release!  PhitBox Boxing for Fitness Class is a partner workout formulated to have you sweating the entire session!  Release pent-up energy with a session of hard-core cardio; expect killer boxing drills all mixed up with skipping, running, bounding and calisthenics (bodyweight) training.  The occasional medicine ball may make an appearance too, but only in the name of an honest workout! 

You’ll learn how to jab, cross, uppercut and hook and to defend yourself, that’s right you’ll learn quick smart how to duck, weave and slip!

Class Details

  • DAYS: Thursday
  • TIME: 6:00pm
  • WHERE: Bassendean
  • DAYS: Saturday
  • TIME: 7:30am
  • WHERE: Mount Lawely

COST (Boxing, Strength & Cardio)

  • 1 Class / Week = $17 per Class
  • 2 Classes / Week = $13 per Class
  • 3 Classes / Week = $12 per Class
  • Unlimited Classes / Week = $10.75 per Class

Boxing, Strength and Cardio classes are sold in blocks of 8 weeks or via fortnightly direct debit. There are no lock in contracts.

Boxing Training

This stuff gets the heart rate up, sheds kilos for those who need it and gets you fit and toned!

What Are The Benefits?

  • Build strength and improve posture.
  • Help with Fat Loss and energy gain.
  • Support network with people; non threatening environment where you can feel comfortable exercising with like-minded people.