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Fit Mum Class Update

From May - September, due to the wetter months, all Fit Mum Classes will be absorbed into the ‘Step It Up’ Program which commences Tuesday 2nd May and Thursday 4th May.  

The Step It Up program is indoors, but when the weather permits we’ll take it outdoors too, low impact but HIIT, with the benefit of SPIN bikes, stairs, boxing, and light weights.

If you are ready to step up the intensity of your exercise regime, to take on more challenging workouts with exercises programmed to get you in shape, lose fat  and gain strength and energy after the pregnancy and birth of your child/ren then our 'Step It Up' Program is for you!
Leederville Recreation Centre.

Your little ones will need to be booked into the creche which is on the same location.  

I know some mums (and dads) maybe a little nervous having bub babysat in a creche, I understand I was the same in the past when I first had to do this myself.  I felt a pang of mothers guilt, but when I thought about it rationally I realise, for me, I needed that 1 hour of me time, in fact I felt I was a better more chilled mum for having had that little bit of me time, the extra bonus; my babies had fun in the creche socialising with the other kiddies, Also personally I think it made life easier when it was time for my girls to attend day care since they were already accustomed to being away from me for short periods of time.  

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