My Love of Tequila and My Difficulty with Meditation

The next Whole Life Challenge Lifestyle Practice is Meditation.

This is one I struggle with, but to be honest as a busy working Mum of two beautiful daughters I need a little mediation in my life like a need the occasion glass of wine in my life!  When I'm feeling really rebellious I switch out the glass of wine for a shot of tequila.  And before you screw your nose up, there's god awful tequila and then there is Tequila.  I guess tequila and meditation are kind of similar, you either like it or you don't.  Presently I'm sitting on the 'don't like mediation' side of the fence.  I mean, how do you even mediate?  But, I signed up for this challenge and it wouldn't be a challenge if it was easy right?

I'm always on the go..


A little 'stop', 'slow down' and 'focus' no doubt will be beneficial for me.

Do you think you would benefit from mediation?  

Are you screwing up your nose right now? 

If I was to say you would benefit from mediating you might tune out, but phrased differently, such as, you would benefit from simply taking 10 minutes out of your day to 'slow down and breathe' perhaps you would be more likely to agree on the benefits.  What if that's all there is to mediating?  

Find out here how just 10 minutes can improve your health, wellbeing and state of mind. 

And before you ask, 'is there an app for mediation?' Here's one to try and it has a 7 day free program.