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People who know me you know that I'm not one to promote protein powders as a meal replacement but instead encourage a balance whole diet. Sometimes, however life gets busy and can catch us unprepared. Occasionally having protein powder can be a quick easy option better than downing sugary treats or not eating at all.  


Protein powder is also a way of increasing your protein intake to meals you might normal eat but that are lacking in protein, for me this works by adding protein to my morning coffee.


Dan and I buy the True Protein products, especially the WPI90 Natural Flavour Protein, (about $55) because it's so far the cleanest (Whey Protein Isolate only, no additional additives or ingredients) and the best tasting protein powder we've tried to date.

I use protein powder mixed with a shot of coffee and topped up with cold water - sometimes made in a shaker, but when I'm feeling like a 'fancy' drink I add ice and blend using the bullet. It's delicious. I choose the Natural Flavoured Protein Powder as it doesn't have added sugar. 

The Coconut Flavour Protein Powder is good too, but personally I like to stick with natural as I can add and control flavouring myself. 

Sometimes when we run out of eggs we add protein powder too our smoothies - so for us it's a good backup to have on hand.

Dan is a fan the Nite 85 as a drink before bed when he is training hard the next day (usually 5x per week). I have it from time to time, (I've been a little lazy lately so haven't had the call for it...) He also drinks the True Endurance during a workout, especially during the summer and during long intense workouts. 


FYI, Personally I don't use protein powder as a meal replacements, although many people do choose to. So for example I'll have my coffee and protein drink in the morning upon waking and before a workout, afterwards I eat a whole meal. 

Occasionally if I'm feeling tied, lazy and feeling like a treat but not wanting to each chocolate (my weakness) I'll make a protein smoothie with peanut butter and honey. I use natural flavoured protein for this too, but True Protein do have a range of tasty favours, including Choc Peanut Butter and PINA COLADA... Maybe for the weekends ;-)

I'm about to order some protein powder. Does anyone want to add to my order? It will mean cheaper prices all round as there's no delivery charge on orders over $100.

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