Girth Measurement Guidelines

When setting a goal to change body composition one of the first tasks is taking body girth measurements and here is a guideline to help you take accurate body measurements. 

If you are joining our team in the Whole Life Challenge you'll need to read this guide.

Firstly, it’s best to have someone to take your girth measurements, but if that’s not possible don’t stress just do it yourself in front of a mirror.

A couple of points to remember:

1. When taking your measurements always check that your have the tape measure straight and without any twists in it.

2. Don’t pull too tight stretching the tape measure; it should be firm, but not indenting the body.

3. Do your measurements nude or wear the same clothing that you wore to do your Before and After Selfies.

What You’ll Need:

  • Tape Measure– one for dressmaking is fine
  • Marker


  • Chest - Using the centre of your nipple-line as a reference point, position the measuring tape in a straight line around your back. Bring the tape around the front to take the measurement.
  • Waist - Use the centre of your bellybutton as a reference point, position the measuring tape around the middle of your body making sure as you bring the tape around to the front that it is line with your belly button and the tape is in a straight line around your waist. Breathe out and let everything hang out, (this is not to time to pull your belly in) as you take this measurement.
  • Hips - Locate the widest part of your bottom, and then position the measuring tape around your bottom. Bring the tape around the front of your body and take your measurement.
  • Thighs - Measure your right thigh by placing your right foot on a bench or chair. Your measurement starting point is the widest point of your thigh.
  • Arms - Measure up from four fingers to the crease of your elbow. This is your start point. Use a pen to mark the spot. Wrap the tape measure around your bicep and lower your arm by your side, keeping the tape measure firm against your skin. Measure your right arm.

Save time and take body girth measurements at the same time as doing before and after photos.  

Here are guidelines to taking before and after photos.

Body girth measurements allow you to track your weight lose, body fat and body composition goals.