Before & After Photo Guidelines

Selfie Time!  Eeek,  I know, many of us hate doing this, but I must say, personally I believe it's one of most accurate and powerful ways to measure changes in body fat and overall body composition.

If you are joining our team in the Whole Life Challenge you'll need to read this guide. 

So let’s get started!

You can take your before and after photos yourself, although it’s better if someone takes them for you.  

The more you show, the more you’ll know. Wear bathers/bikini, underwear, or something comparable so you can see where you need the work, and where you’re making progress. Don’t be afraid to show some skin. These photos are great motivators.

Stand in front of a flat wall, preferable natural light and avoid shadows.  Take a photo front on, side and back, and include the whole body, including the feet.  For accuracy put a shoe on the and stand either side of it with both feet touching the shoe.  Remember to include this step when doing 'after' photos as it ensures an accurate measure of changes in the thigh gap.  

Focus in on the body, taking close-up and clear images and ensure that the photo is taking from an even height, i.e. ask the person taking the photo to bend down to take the photo rather than angling the camera up or down. 

Ideally take the before and after photos in the morning after you’ve been to the toilet and at the same time as your take your girth measurements.

Remember, the more you show, the more you’ll know.