I dance more than I clean...

Each week we kick off the PhitKit Core and Pelvic Floor Postnatal Exercise Program with a postpartum safe workout.  I’ve been working up a sweat, and I know our Mums have too!  To finish up each class we complete deep core exercises, to target the deep abdominal muscles, and do a pelvic floor exercise program using exercises that we learned in previous weeks.  And of course we add a couple of new exercises to the repertoire as we do with each new weekly program.    

There are so many changes in the female body during birth, some mechanical, some hormonal and some emotional and mental. As our society tells women to jump right back into training and start pushing their limits in the gym as soon as possible, that mentality may not actually be the safest or most advantageous way to get long term results.  In the worst case scenarios it may be downright detrimental to your health and wellbeing. 

There are serious risks of complications in the postpartum window (keep in mind the postpartum recovery period varies from women to women and to think you’ll be fully recovered in 6 weeks is most likely slim), including vaginal prolapse, urinary incontinence, and diastasis recti, not to mention a host of orthopaedic issues that women may also be susceptible to during this 3-6 month period. 

When it comes to safely training in the postpartum window, prioritising time of healing, core and pelvic floor rebuild and postural strengthening along with nutrition are pivotal parts of your long term fitness success.

What you do in the early postpartum fitness time period is an indicator of long term form and function, so stay the course, know your body, and more than anything respect the process of healing. Remember, you just had a baby, walking and doing your deep abdominal and pelvic floor exercises is what you need write now, intense bootcamp, heavy weight lifting, long runs will be waiting for you when you and your body is ready.

The importance of core and pelvic floor recovery is a topic that is very close to me as a women and a mother as I’ve had my fair share of core and pelvic floor issues, and as a personal trainer specialising in womens health I can assure you that even the least likely women can suffer from pelvic floor problems and sometimes years after the youngest child was born.  Don't delay, book an appointment with a Women's Health Physiotherapist today if you haven't already and get the low down on down there!    

So my advice to all women is to continue with daily pelvic floor exercise and get out doors for a walk. or perhaps some slow paced interval jogging, but only if your body is ready.   And dance!  Have some fun with your fitness, don’t let the wet or cold weather keep you from moving.  Play YOUR (not bubs) favourite music LOUD get up and dance, have some fun with it.

Here is a video of my girls getting their dance on!!! PS, please excuse the mess!

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