Creating Time For Postnatal Exercise

As a mum of two I know first hand that when caring for a newborn or toddler (and the ultimate juggle - both!), finding time for physical activity can be challenging!

Some days you may simply feel too tired for a full workout. But that doesn't mean that you should put physical activity on the back burner. Do the best you can.

Walking is a good way to get back in shape, and is a great way to change the scenery on those days you've cabin fever.  All you need is a pair of comfortable shoes. It is free, and you can do it almost any place or time. You can also take your baby along.  So get outside while the sun shines and enjoy a walk.

6 (more) Reasons to Walk with Baby

  • Walking will help you lose the baby weight!

  • Walk 25 minutes each day. That equals 2,500 steps each day!

  • Walking will also help improve your overall health. 

  • A 25 minute walk makes you feel energised.

  • Walking may also help to lower feelings of anxiety and depression.

  • Put your baby in the pram or carrier and go for a walk. It is never too early to start teaching your baby healthy habits! Bonus: babies love the rocking motion of the pram!


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