What's A Good Score?

Quick Quiz.  Do you know how much calcium you should be eating daily?  Do you know if you're getting your recommended daily intake(RDI)?  Do you know that the RDI is different during pregnancy?

Don't dismiss this with a throw away comment, "ahh I'm young, I'll worry about this when I'm older".  After we reach our peak bone mass in our 20's we start to experience more breaking down than building up. Added risk factors like poor diet, family history and lifestyle can lead to excessive bone loss. 

Our bones are responsible for many of our body’s crucial functions, including movement, organ protection, production of blood cells, storage of minerals, and support for the rest of our body.

Check out the RDI below and ask yourself "are you getting enough?"

What does recommended daily intake look like in terms of food?

Well for example in regular milk there is 117 mg ca/100g*, generally a standard 250ml milk coffee will give you 304 ca/100g - so if you're a women between the ages of 19-50 you have another 696mg more to eat today...  

Need some tips  http://www.healthybonesaustralia.org.au/how/calcium/calcium-tips/

Check out this very handy little tool to assess your bone health and to find ways NOW to ensure you're eating enough calcium in your diet. http://www.healthybonesaustralia.org.au/registration/   

Writing this blog is a little alarming for me.  Calcium in my diet has come up before because I don't eat a lot of cheese, milk or SARDINES!  Awareness is key, taking action gets results.  This is a wake up call for me to address calcium intake in my diet.  

Personally I don't care for brittle bones as I age.  How about you?

For healthy bones aim for RDI calcium update through your diet,  adequate vitamin D - yah it's okay to get some sun!!!!, and regular exercise.