Tra La La and our Recipe Competition Winner is ...

Sarah Clements with her Skinny Sushi Recipe. She blew the competition out of the water with her marvellous tally of likes and shares, a New Balance voucher shall be heading her way. Thank you also to our splendid Phitkit Crew for taking part and sharing such tasty Whole Life Challenge compliant meals for our Recipe Competition.

Okay team, now let's start using them, cook up Lou's Coconut Porridge for breakfast or pop out Sheenagh's Brekkie Muffin from the freezer if time for breakfast has been and gone. Erin's Pear and Chickpea Salad will refuel you at lunch, or get munching on a little brain food with Deirdre's Cajun Salmon with Quinoa Salad.

If it's chicken you are looking for (let's face it that versatile white meat is often at our fingertips). Then cook up Brooke's Moroccan Chicken Cous Cous, or Sara-Jayne's Chicken Spirals. For dinner, you can't go past Brooke's Butter Chicken or MacKenzie's Ginger Chicken and Broccoli.

Entertaining needs to be easy, so pull out Kylie's Satay Chicken recipe accompanied by the beautifully colourful Rainbow Salad from Roberta. How about then showing off a little by whipping up Chenelle's Peanut Butter Mousse and letting guests decide who makes the best dessert in town.

And if it's the family you are feeding, then you cannot go past Kirsty's Cabbage Rolls or Trixi's aptly named Family CurryKids are baffling eaters, let them try Jayne's crunchy Vegetable Rosti and see if that suits their style this week. And finally don't forget to spice it up one night, Vishaka's Kheema is a good place to start.

Happy days in the kitchen folks.