The day before I gave up my morning toast!

The day before I gave up my morning toast, (and bread all together) I created this little number; Nutty Granola. 

For me, writing a recipe seems kind of weird because, well as I’ve said before, I don’t follow recipes to the ‘T’, so writing one feels a little contrived.  I almost feel like I’m lying since each time I make the ‘same’ recipe it’s not exactly the same.  Quantities change, cook times change and ingredients change, somewhat subtlety, but still things change.   

 Anyways, I’m pretty certain the below is what I did once, So good luck following my recipes. Be sure to give or take. What you 'give or take’ is entirely up to you, personally I’m influenced by the ingredients in my cupboard at the time.


Nutty Granola

150 g buckwheat

100 g Sunflower Kernels

100 g Pepitas

150 g Cashews

200 g Almonds

100 g Walnuts

100 g Hazelnuts

80 g Shredded Coconut

2 Pink Lady Apples, roughly chopped * can use any apples of choice

80 ml coconut oil

1 ½ tablespoons ground ginger or 2 cm fresh ginger

1 ½ tablespoons ground cinnamon

1 Teaspoon Vanilla Bean Paste.

  • Place the nuts and seeds into a food processor and process until cut into small pieces, or piece sizes to your liking.  Remove and place into large mixing bowl. 

  • Place apples, ginger, cinnamon, vanilla bean paste and coconut oil into food process and process to a fine puree.
  • Pour the puree into the nut mixture and combine well.  Combine the two mixtures
  • Line a large oven tray with oven -roof paper and spread out on to the mixture and place in the over for 6 hours, or until it reaches your desired level of crunch.  During the cooking time be sure to give the mixture a light toss every hour or so to ensure the entire mixture dries through.  
  • 20 minutes before removing from oven mix through the coconut mixture. 
  • Remove the Nutty Granola from the oven and allow to cool before storing in an airtight, preferable glass, jar.   

Enjoy with coconut milk, natural yoghurt, fresh fruit or simply as a snack as is!

Since creating this recipe I have decided to do the Whole Life Challenge again for the second time.  Previous round that started in January 2015 I did the Lifestyle, but this time I’m doing Performance so bye-bye buckwheat.   And there you have it the Nutty Granola recipe will now be required to evolve, again.  Or at least be stripped of the buckwheat.

With with my ever evolving Nutty Granola recipe I'll be adding Sesame Seeds because they are high in calcium and with moving to a dairy free diet I shall need to be sure to source sufficient calcium for other food sources.

By the way, this recipe is great for children providing there's no nut allergies.  My little one is always polishing off mine on the way to the gym.  Kids, they always have food envy and are constantly nabbing my breakfast.  Actually correction, they are always nabbing whatever I'm eating.  And that's okay as that is how I influence my children to adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle. 

Side Note: Do yourself a favour and start considering granola as a portable dish.  I eat my Nutty Granola on my way to work at 5:30 am as well as in between clients, (while driving). It actually is a very portable breakfast easily eaten on the run.   Mason jars are great to use if you plan on taking Nutty Granola to work, but personally I just serve mine in a bowl and don't have any problems eating it while balancing it on my lap and driving.  

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