Let's Eat, Meal Time Using Your Freezer

Let's Eat, Meal Time Using Your Freezer

Let's Eat, Meal Time Using Your Freezer

Food glorious food, images filled with juicy meat cuts and colourful accompaniments filled my mind during the Whole Food Challenge, and they still do. Locally sourced fruit and vegetables are where it’s at as we strive to serve the absolute best produce.  

West Australian farms will give you seasonal produce that not only tastes, looks and feels better but also shock horror still retains all its nutrients. Produce that has travelled just a wee way down the road (as opposed to over the oceans in frozen containers from another land) must be better for the environment, community and your tummy.

Naturally we all worry about the expense when feeding ourselves and our families, buying seasonal food is a crafty trick that gives you the extra flavour and won't dent the wallet.  The Local Grocer is my favourite for easy shopping heaven; fresh local produce is served directly to your doorstep.

We need a few more ideas in our arsenal to keep healthy foods on the table. I am in love with my freezer, and sure it’s cold and crowded. However, it can store the most wholesome treats. Preserving food via the freezer is an art form, okay that might be an overstatement but don’t just bang it all in a bag and hope for the best. I found this article on Design Mom that seriously gives you a fantastic breakdown for storing fruit and vegetables, and has some fabulous images to boot, bookmark this page.

The past week is telling us something; winter is here, and the Perth cold has finally set in. That sounds a little doom and gloom, and we don’t need to go into hibernation, but we do need to be thinking casseroles, roasts and soups. And it just so happens these meals lend themselves very well to freezing. 

The reappearance of hearty winter fare means we can pull out the slow cooker again, or for me the pressure cooker is my divine alternative and my definite preferred option. The basic difference is that a pressure cooker is faster, and we all need more time.  Plus why not just use your oven for slow cooking? Even go so far as devoting yourself to a slow food movement recipe to see what all the fuss is about, and you might find you get some tips on living a little less rushed. However I am digressing, we don’t have any time remember.

Being the most organised one in the house usually falls on you, I am speaking to the ladies let’s face it. Juggling the health and well-being of all the big and little people that reside in your home is a challenge. Add to that time for work, play and life and suddenly spending time in the kitchen is not what it was in Grandma’s day. 

So with the next round of the Whole Life Challenge due to start 19th September, don't be overwhelmed and exhausted by the prospect of what meals to prepare. Let's get on board with freezer cooking, and plan ahead to ensure those healthy options keep landing on the table.

And for tomorrow night try these Beef Kebabs, but don’t forget to make extra, open those cold doors, bang in the leftovers and freeze freeze freeze.

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