Why I Don't Feel Guilty

You probably know by now that although I’m a sucker for sugar, thanks to a few tweaks in my diet, I have managed to get a handle on my little addiction.    But it was Easter right, and since I didn’t want to be feeding my loved ones sugar loaded chocolate I decided to make my own little delights with no added sugar, but still with loads of deliciousness.   

Thanks to Wholefoods Simple I made raspberry and chocolate tarts.  They are divine and with no added sugar are a perfect treat to enjoy over any of it's store bought sugar laden poor cousins. 

No added Sugar, Raspberry Choc.  Pure Deliciousness.

No added Sugar, Raspberry Choc.  Pure Deliciousness.

Okay, so I should cut to the chase... You are right, this is not just about my loved ones… I was craving something amazingly delicious too, and I had the perfect thing in mind. 

These guys,  PEANUT BUTTER TRUFFLES   Let me tell you, these are where it’s at when indulging my sweet craving!

You see I’ve been craving something super delicious and although I’ve dabbled with a few bits and pieces here and there, nothing quite hit the spot.  Until I made these and lets just say they hit the spot like no other.

Just looking at these peanut butter truffles makes my mouth water!

Just looking at these peanut butter truffles makes my mouth water!

WARNING, do not make peanut butter truffles, they are highly addictive, will play on your mind and will haunt you long after they’ve been demolished..

So now here we are on the flip side, feeling satisfied.  I enjoyed those babies, yes I did.  Do I feel guilty? Hell No! Do I pig out on sweets on a weekly basis? Hell No! Do I want more? No, I’m done.

So I had my little treat, they hit the spot and life continues, I don’t feel guilty or fat for having a splurge but I do feel like I’m done. Having excess sugar in my diet doesn’t agree with me, I feel sluggish, I don’t feel as healthy because I can’t eat as clean as I would usually since I’ve filled up on sugary non nutritious foods and I break out in pimples. the latter being my personal least favourite booby prize for eating sugar. 

So for me, a little splurge on super delicious peanut butter truffles, or the likes, (must be super delicious not everyday mass produced store bought sugar slabs) occasionally, (not every week) actually suits me.  I’m less likely to mindlessly eat sweet foods whenever in sight, I look forward to enjoying eating something that is simply Ahhmazing and I find it easy to maintain a healthy weight.

When it comes to nutrition, I aim to do my best and to eat real foods almost always.  For the most part, when I feed my sugar cravings, I choose the cleaner, less processed and less added 'nasty’s' options, but I don’t always make perfect choices.   

I am motivated to keep my sugar consumption to a minimum.  I learnt from doing Whole Life Challenge (WLC) that sugar, for me, is evil.  Sugar gives me acne, amongst other issues, such as tiredness, bags under my eyes and being irritable, which is never good when my 3 and 4 year old decide to pull the 'difficult' card.

On 2nd May I will start my second round of the Whole Life Challenge.   During the last Whole Life Challenge I lost 3 kilos and stopped taking medication for my acne and my skin is looking the best it ever has.  This time I’m looking forward to seeing more changes in my body and overall health through improving my diet and can't wait for it to start! 

PhitKit Personal and Group Fitness have signed up a team for the Whole Life Challenge 

The Game That Changes Your Life

The Game That Changes Your Life

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