What’s all this talk about Nutrition?

Does it fly? Does it run? Does it swim? Is it green? – If not don’t eat it. No grains, no soy sauce.  Why?  Wow that’s tricky, no grains oh dear does that mean no bread? Not even a little wholemeal.  And can I maybe, (humour me) extrapolate on the ‘animals that run’ idea so I get my dairy fix?

Whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, good fats, smidgen of sugar and a little dairy and protein, that’s not so hard is it?

Well truthfully it’s not. However the subject of nutrition has become such an expansive topic, changing continually as new fads hit the already saturated marketplace. And I say ‘marketplace’ as health and wellness is big business, no wonder it is so damn confusing for the little guy still blundering along trying to keep up with his 5 fruit and veg daily, not knowing whether to refer to the old school food pyramid for guidance or simply take guidance from the latest celebrity diet

But that’s just the point; he MUST keep it up, what we put into our bodies affects every part of how it functions, moves and thinks. From the brain to our little pinkie toe, no part is untouched by the good and bad products entering our system.  It is easy to cry ‘too hard, where do I start, I must have a little bacon to begin the day, plus my nandos fix for lunch, and end it with a Thai green curry portion so big it escapes the plate, I just must’ but all that is waiting at the other end is heart disease, ongoing illness and overall poor bodily function, not to mention the tyre around the middle. And then you wonder why you feel sluggish, your skin looks puffy and red; you can’t shake the winter cold and are generally too tired at the end of the day to accomplish anything further than a whole lot of sofa slouching.

Why are you surprised at how you feel?

You feel this way because you have nothing to compare with, you have never tried to change your eating habits (not really, maybe a little diet here and there).  Good Nutrition is about changing your eating habits to consistently resemble fresh wholesome foods.  It won’t happen overnight, and to realise real benefits to your health you'll need to plan,  make changes to what you are currently doing and commit to consistency. 

Begin slowly by making a healthy breakfast for 8 weeks and see what happens. Use this fabulous recipe for Nutty Granola. Or go a little further and take a step in the right direction and join me for the Whole Life Challenge 

The overwhelming evidence regarding disease, premature ageing and illness as a result of bad eating habits are not crazy fads and are not new ideas. The simple scientific fact is that our bodies are designed to either breakdown or recharge, depending on what food we decide to hastily gobble up.

Okay I am going to scare you with two big blow me away facts, coronary heart disease is the leading underling cause of death year after year, and heart, stroke and blood vessel diseases kills one Australian every 12 minutes.  But we can help this struggling heart of ours by not putting crap in our bodies day in day out, the heart works overtime to keep us going, so a little respect wouldn't go astray. We might be living longer, but there is no joy in living longer in ill health.

We all have a fair understanding of what good nutrition is, and we certainly all know how important our nutrition is to our health. We use excuses that our busy lifestyle or day-to-day mood can trigger bad eating, I have a very social lifestyle.  Think about it for a moment; imagine this, your doctor tells you that you’re carrying excess fat, (you just thought you were carrying a bit of extra weight), and diagnoses you with diabetes.  When your asks your about your general diet all you have is, “Well you know I'm just too busy to eat well”, or “We eat out a lot so it’s really hard to avoid unhealthy food” Seriously!

We need to take stock, think and consciously stop chowing down highly processed foods on a daily basis that science tells us is detrimental to our health.  A healthy diet can be such a basic accomplishment once you get into the swing of things, and by not having junk and processed foods in our homes that don’t meet the criteria for  whole foods you are one step closer to achieving your goal.

Ask yourself do you know a family member or friend who has been affected by heart disease, stroke, hypertension, obesity, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, dementia or gall bladder disease? Yes we all do, so what makes you think you’re untouchable. 

Are You Ready To Replace Old Unhealthy Habits With New Lasting Healthy Habits?