The decision to be in the Whole Life Challenge is a big step that deserves a high five. Now come the butterflies and wondering how to do it well.

Preparation is a big component of this challenge, and the initial prep steps are going to set you up to be your most successful on the challenge. Preparing means inside and out.

The most obvious preparation begins in the kitchen. It can be hard to resist sweets, bread, or other non-compliant food if they are in the house. CLEAR OUT THE CRAP IN YOUR HOUSE.  Yeah sure it may seem wrong to bin perfectly good 'food', but let's face it, it's actually not good food at all.  Take a look at the ingredients, I bet you that at the top of the list is sugar, and most likely followed by other ingredients that you can barely pronounce not to mention know what it is.   So in short, chuck it out, it's better in your bin than it is in your body!  

Move all temptation. Replace the junk with a loads of options that are compliant. You’ll feel less deprived and frankly less frustrated.

You will also want to always be prepared throughout the challenge with meals and snacks so you are never caught without options. Nothing will derail your plan faster than not having good options at your fingertips.

Personally I like to aim for 'cook-up' days where I'll cook a heap of dishes and pop in the freezer, I'll also make up a salad or two, or it might just be a matter of cooking up some of the main ingredients, such as roasted pumpkin, chickpeas or quinoa ready for the week.  I will also stock the fridge with fresh food and then browse Pinterest, cook books and on online for foodspiration.  This I find helps as a way of planning meals for the week, so although I may not always have complete meals prepared, I do however have ideas in my head ready to bring together when the hunger hits.  I also have almonds in the car in case I happen to get caught out 'starving', if I have something small on hand to tie me over I will then make healthy decisions, let me get hungry and anything could end up in my mouth, usually not so healthy...  I also love natures fast food options, such as carrots, apples, red capsicum, perfect for munching on while driving.  

Many of you may have kids or partners who may not be doing the challenge. Admittedly, you have an extra challenge, but don’t make it an excuse. Sequester their junk food to one part of the pantry that is hard to see. Silently enroll family members to adopt new habits by keeping many more clean-food options in the house and by cooking more. Kids love to be part of the cooking process. Leading from the front only inspires change in others.

That being said do yourself a favour and be mentally prepared.  Though mental preparation may also seem obvious, it is less tangible. Your commitment to this thing, even if you won’t be perfect, is key. If you surrender to the journey and give it your best for eight weeks, your results and overall experience will be awesome, and you won’t recognise yourself when you’re done.

You’ve paid to be here. You’ve declared your participation publically. You owe it
to yourself go into this challenge as prepared as possible, mentally and in the
kitchen, as possible.

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