Anything Promising Quick Change Is BS, It Never Lasts

You probably already know that to change your life, you need to change your habits.

Well then what are you waiting for?  

Stop shelving your health status, wondering where all that energy went. Leap over the mind hurdle, stop saying ‘tomorrow, I will do it ‘tomorrow’. 

Start Changing Your Lifestyle Habits Today Before Your Have Yourself A Lifestyle Disease 

Start Changing Your Lifestyle Habits Today Before Your Have Yourself A Lifestyle Disease 

Start mixing up that daily drudge routine, focus on your total wellbeing and commit to a challenge. Success will stick like mud once the good habits become a way of life. 

The Whole Life Challenge is not about being perfect, not about never making a mistake, not about hardship (though at first any challenge will feel this way) – it’s about embracing what our mind and body needs daily. It’s about harnessing life’s basics and bringing them to the forefront without dieting, and incorporating changes that will become habit.  

8 weeks, how long is that in the scheme of life, shorter than a school term, less time than it took to get over the office party mishap. Don’t get me wrong, it will ultimately be the beginning of something bigger.  I know, like I'm sure you do too, that it sure is better to start something that encompasses your life, not simply one off changes to your food consumption or workout routine.

The Whole Life Challenge is NOT a short lived fad diet, or another crazy theory on how to become a better person.
Anything promising quick change is BS, it never lasts, but you know that right?
We typically go it alone when challenging ourselves, having a team by your side experiencing the highs and lows is the key to the Whole Life Challenge The support and motivation of others when you are reaching for the block of chocolate or pressing the snooze button, keeps you accountable enabling you to thrive within our team atmosphere.


7 Habits to change your future and give you more power in your daily life, sounds like a relatively simple concept? – Nothing ever is and we are still talking CHALLENGE here. But these steps are not rocket science; they are basic habits to focus on.

  1. Nutrition – bang easy, what you put in forms the basis of body function, let’s put the right stuff in.
  2.  Exercise – a no brainer, look, feel and be the part
  3. Mobility – just move, your body was not designed to sit stiff hunched over that screen all day
  4. Supplementation – we are an evolved race, a little help never hurt anyone
  5. Hydration – okay so we cannot live without water for long, that might tell us something about its importance
  6. Lifestyle Practice – a little mindfulness, and taking note of what makes you tick is not exactly stretching the comfort zone
  7. Reflection – history is a valuable thing, without it our future will never be complete 
Ask Yourself, "Am I Ready To Change?"

Ask Yourself, "Am I Ready To Change?"

Routines will start evolving and we no longer dread the day, we no longer waste time thinking ‘if only I could … tomorrow I will’ – that old thought pattern gets really boring doesn’t it? “Thoughts are brilliant. Debates are lively and fun … You could ponder the best way to cook a chicken all day long, but no one eats until someone puts one in the pot” (Michael Stanwyck, co-founder The Whole Life Challenge)


8 weeks, 7 habits – focus on the here and now; join our team PHITKIT-CREW WHOLE LIFE CHALLENGE (link -