What To EAT Before & On The Day Of SPARTAN

Food consumes me pretty much 24/7, I go to bed thinking about what I'll be eating when I get up... So save to say I've been thinking about what to eat today and what I'll eat tomorrow before Spartan, on the trip down to Woop-Woop, on the trip home from Woop-Woop, and what time we'll get to the pub afterwards, oh and what size steak I can possibly hover... Oh my, I'm panicked, do you think they'll have food to eat on the course???    

Okay, I digress, let's get down to the nitty gritty.

Load up on healthy complex carbohydrate sources to flood your muscles with glycogen, yes that’s right, LOAD UP, well to the point that you’re comfortable anyway.  In case you are wondering, no that is not to the point that you have to undo the top button of your pants. Just saying.

   Stay well hydrated by drinking plenty of water

   Eat the same types of foods that you’ve usually eat, now is not the time to make radical changes to your diet, lets just say if you do, things could get ugly the next day…there are not usually porta-loos on the course…

   Avoid alcohol – mental note, tonight is not the night to get on the turps…

   Avoid unhealthy trans and saturated fats, sure you might be out on the Spartan course for a few hours tomorrow, but it’s no excuse to chow down on 'dirty' food, that’s deep fried spring rolls, French fries and ‘just a couple’ of biscuits with your tea before bed.. In fact there’s few occasions that call for eating this type of crap.

   Consume healthy fats and foods high in potassium; avocado, pan fried salmon; note today is the day to UPSIZE, homemade egg, garlic and olive oil mayo, served on a bed of mashed sweet potatoes.


Add a side of green beans, steamed and tossed in fresh garlic, olive oil and a healthy sprinkle of salt (for the much needed sodium come race day).  Now that should hit the spot.


What To Eat The Day Of Spartan

On race day, have a healthy carbohydrates source for breakfast; tomorrow I’ll be loving warm porridge (whole oats, not ‘Cousin Instant’ who we no longer associate with) cooked in coconut milk, a handful of strawberries, (I might borrow hubby’s hand for this) and I’ll even throw in that ripe banana that’s sitting in the fruit bowl (ripe narnies are high in fructose so considered a simple carb and are faster digesting). Make sure you don’t overeat though, you want to be able to move, after-all we doing Spartan and your stomach shouldn’t be one of the obstacles.

For the road, I’ll grab a few fresh, less ripe – just right bananas for the trip to and return trip from Spartan, actually I’ll raid the fruit bowl and will grab a fistful of almonds too. That should see me through until we hit the pub for a much deserved steak and salad.  

Drink plenty of water, don’t bother buying sports drinks, water will do the job, lets face it we aren’t elite athletes and it shouldn’t be too hot tomorrow. 

On that note, I'm hungry, see you at the race line, or at least over a wholesome meal. x

PS, no, that chocolate salted caramel tart has absolutely nothing to do with obstacle course nutrition.  

It looks amazing doesn't it????

Okay, I digress again.  I'm hungry - bye-bye.