5 Fish Dishes for Summer

I love a good piece of fish. It’s light and holds heaps of flavour… the perfect protein for a hot summer day.

Now, I don’t mean the fish you get from the deep-frying place down the road, or the crumbed and battered frozen stuff in the supermarket. Those usually have added sugar, carbohydrates and fats our bodies can do without, it’s what I call ‘dirty food’.

Prepared the right way, fish is a very healthy whole food, loaded with protein, good fats and essential nutrients. People have told me they were afraid of cooking fish themselves because it’s hard to get just right, but with the right recipe and guidance, you’ll find it easy to prepare an impressive and nutritious meal.

Here are 5 great recipes I recommend for a fabulous fish dinner.


Jamie Oliver’s Tuna Steak


I tried Jamie Oliver’s instructions for cooking thick, beautiful slabs of tuna, and it was amazing. It only takes a few minutes to prepare and comes out perfect. I’ll definitely be making this again!

You’ll love the rub, so I suggest you make extra and what you don’ use, it can be stored in the freezer in a ziplock back until next time. 


Watch the video for Jamie’s simple tuna steak.


Barbecued fish with Thai dressing and coconut rice


Thai style flavours are fantastic for warm weather. This recipe calls for sweet chilli sauce, which you can make yourself using dates for sweetness if you want a healthier version.

source: taste.com.au

source: taste.com.au

Try the BBQ fish recipe on Taste.com.au.

Diedre Murphy’s Cajun Salmon with Quinoa Salad

This was an awesome entry from our Whole Life Challenge Recipe Competition back in May. As a warm dish, it works great in winter. In summer, just refrigerate after cooking for a zesty, fresh salad made with nutrient dense ingredients.


Check out Diedre’s recipe.


Tuna Tartare Bites


This diced raw tuna snack will make a great dish to bring along to a pot luck, or just a cool snack to enjoy at home.


View the recipe on PaleoLeap.


King George Whiting

Expect to pay $60 per kilo; you absolutely pay for what you get!  King George Whiting is AHHHmazing!  This fish tastes so delicious that little preparation is needed, remove skin (if not already done by the fish monger) dust with flour and salt and shallow fry for a few minutes each side.  Oh my, I’m salivating just thinking about it. 


If it stinks the house out then it's not fresh...and for that reason many say they don't like fist - because is 'stinks', but fresh fish doesn't stink.  Buy your fish from Coles and you'll probably have a stinky pungent house for a day or two after.  So find yourself a reliable fishmonger, one that stocks according to demand and I promise you'll soon be aching for fish Friday! 

There is a little fishmonger at the Dianella Plaza, Grand Promenade, Dianella – where I buy all of my fish, always fresh and happy to help.  Check them out.