Exercise - TRY THIS TRICK!

As a Personal Trainer I hear comments such as “I’m so unfit” or “I’m just too tied” to join group fitness or go to personal training. I certainly understand the realities of living and working in a very busy world and how much more difficult it is to find time once you’ve had children. But without our health there is no lifestyle or job or leisure or quality family time.

People mistakenly believe that missing workouts will give them the energy they need to get through their busy week; fortunately the absolute opposite is true.

Or people kid themselves that they’ll start exercising ‘soon’ but it never happens because they don’t take the time out to scheduled exercise into their busy calendar, and before long they have gained weight and feeling lethargic, unfit and miserable.  

Children, lack of sleep, stress, and excess weight are common causes that all contribute to lethargy, but exercise actually improves energy levels and the ability to cope with every day stresses of day-to-day life!  

So the next time you feel too tired to exercise you can trick yourself into going. Just go for 10 minutes! Once you are there you will realise that 10 minutes is easy and you will continue to exercise for a good while longer than 10 minutes!

This little trick certainly works for me!  I have often used this when I feel low on energy and each time I have successfully managed to complete my entire workout and have walked away feeling more energetic than when I started.  AND, I don’t walk around for the remainder of the day feeling guilty for being a slack tart!

As we foster healthier habits by ‘just going for 10 minutes’, our bodies start to crave exercise and not only do the excuses begin to fade but also tiredness is replaced with a more dynamic and enthusiastic energy.