If Your Child Is Chances Are You Are Too.

Is your family eating too much salt?

Check out this study by Deakin Uni.   

According to a study by Deakin University, 54% of 18 month old's consume more than the upper limit (2.5g) of salt recommended by the NHMRC each day, with breads, cheese, breakfast cereals, processed meats and soup some of the biggest contributors.

Parents can help reduce salt in children’s diet

Here is what Associate Professor Campbell Recommends:

  • Swap high salt breakfast cereals for low salt cereal that has less than 300mg of sodium/100g (refer to the nutrition information panel on the product);

  • Swap high salt breads for lower salt bread that has less than 400mg of sodium/100g(refer to the nutrition information panel on the product);

  • Swap processed cheese slices for cheddar cheese;

  • Swap processed meats like sausages or ham/chicken slices for fresh meats like grilled or roasted meats/chicken/fish;

  • Swap high salt yeast and cheese spreads on breads and biscuits for low salt toppings like no added salt peanut butter, tomato, avocado, or cooked lean meats/chicken/fish;

  • Swap high salt bread or biscuit based snacks for snacks of fresh fruits and vegetables which are naturally low in salt.