Mudd Rush Training Tips

Feeling a little nervous?  Do you get goose bumps or a rapidly beating heart just thinking about it.  Maybe you’re experiencing unexplained laughter, sweaty palms and fidgeting.  Sounds like you are in love… With doing Mudd Rush! 

So in a moment of stupidity you signed up for Western Mudd Rush… And know what???

Let’s get serious, you don’t have a large drainpipe handy to crawl through or a ten-foot wall to climb over. So how do you train for an obstacle course short of being on the actual course? 

Fortunately there is more than one way to skin a cat, prepare for Mudd Rush with PhitKit, your strength and conditioning program especially concocted for obstacles course.  It will be varied, it will be grueling, challenging and no doubt amusing.  Expect climbing, beach sand where you don’t like it, trail runs in nature and carrying like a firman, but most of all expected the unexpected.

Bring a friend or make friends quick... guaranteed they’ll be your best ally!

Obstacle course racing brings out people from all walks of life.  You’re not alone, we are doing this together, as a team.



If you would like to join team PhitKit, please send an email to: