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Every woman has a different journey and different challenges, and one size does not fit all when it comes to choosing an exercise program to achieve individual goals.  At Phitkit we know that all women are unique.  This is exactly why I focus exclusively on women.  A woman’s body is structurally, functionally and hormonally distinctive and differ depending on the age and phase of life, so naturally my exercise programs are tailored to meet your individual needs.

Motivated by my own personal experience I am dedicated to helping women of all ages achieve their optimum physical function and master their quality of life. I am passionate about helping women exercise and empowering them to live an active and health life.

I specifically offer women’s health exercise training programs for women who wish to commence exercise to help them fall pregnant, during pregnancy or after having a baby.

Exercise is beneficial for the majority of pregnant and postpartum women, however there can be a number of barriers that requires a specifically trained personal trainer, who understands the safe and correct exercise modifications for certain conditions.

If you are pregnant or postnatal, (even if you had your baby several years ago) and experiencing the follow conditions; pelvic floor dysfunction, pelvic girdle pain, back pain, shoulder, neck pain pelvic organ prolapse, rectus abdomen diastasis (abdominal separation) and more or just wish to exercise I can help you. I apply my specialised training, and where necessary consult with your physician, to create a specialised exercise program specifically for you.  

Let’s talk if you are a woman who would like to be trained by a woman who understands the female body and it’s incredible capability. 

Let’s talk about how I can support you in doing the things you love in life and be empowered to choose how you exercise.

I’m a mum too, that is why we are children and baby friendly.


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Jennifer Blackford

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Dunsborough & Busselton

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Personal Training

Private Small Group

One on one personal training.   This is the ultimate if you’d like the best care and exercise program during pregnancy, postnatally and beyond.

Private Small Group Personal Training; if you prefer to train with friends but not keen to join gym group classes then this is a great option. Private small group personal training suits small groups of friends who prefer a more semi private training session. 

Great for friends, families & Mothers Groups.

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Specialised Intensive Core & Pelvic Floor

Restore Postnatal Programs 

Low impact aerobic (cardio) exercises complimented with specifically selected functional weight resistant exercises, (not your traditional mums and bubs pilates class) to support motherhood movement patterns.  Improve overall strength with a special focus on pelvic floor and deep abdominals.   

Postnatal exercise fitness classes uniquely formulated to meet the needs of mums wishing to exercise with their babies, toddlers and young children nearby.

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